Larissa Walker

Psychotherapist, registered with UKCP

Hi, I am Larissa. In my therapy work, I use several theories and try to keep an open mind when deciding how to help my clients. As a scientist, I use methods supported by clinical evidence or research. For example, I follow attachment theory, which now has a neuroscience base. In the world of psychotherapy, this is called the 'integrative' approach. At the heart of my therapy is a humanistic philosophy - a belief that we are born free, each with a unique potential. But life imposes barriers to realising this potential. We are shaped by our families, communities, and the wider socio-economic situation. I focus on exploring these barriers and behavioural patterns they create. Awareness facilitates different choices and opens new possibilities.

I am also a relational psychotherapist. In relational psychotherapy, the therapeutic relationship is fundamental for a change to occur. I aim to create a non-judgmental relationship that provides space for you - the client - to explore yourself and grow. It enables a new self to emerge, a self that is freer in expressing itself and following its needs, so that you can develop in your own unique way, independent of the circumstances that affected or are continuing to affect you.

Години консультацій: weekday evenings

Вартість: £70 per session


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