Psychologist Ukraine/United Kingdom

Інна Велігурська

Greetings, dear friends! Let's get acquainted! I am Inna Veligurskaya, a clinical psychologist and accredited gestalt therapist. I consult online all over the world in Ukrainian and Russian. You can contact me: if you suffer from emotional dependency - too strong attachment to another person or unrequited love; if you feel bad in a relationship and feel even worse on your own; if you are going through a divorce, separation, or loss of a loved one, feel pain and need support; if you do not know how to protect your boundaries or your point of view; if you have lost joy in life and it feels meaningless; if you are afraid of loneliness but it "haunts" you; if anxiety, fears, feelings of guilt and shame prevent you from living full life... and with many other problems.

Appointments currently available: Workdays mornings and daytime

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Psychologist, United Kingdom/France

Anna Kalbasko

Anna is a certified Emotion-Image Therapist, Conscious Leadership Coach and Meditation Trainer based in London. She uses Emotion-Image Therapy as a primary tool to work with traumas and inner conflicts. The method aims to address the root of the problem through engaging with the unconscious part of the mind in a caring yet profound and impactful way. During a session, Anna creates a space of safety, acceptance and trust which allows to explore the cause of negative emotional states and search for resolution and relief. Anna guides her clients through a process of engaging with their inner world, step by step. Her approach is respectful, professional and non-judgemental. She also attends regular supervision sessions with senior psychologists. Anna works in Russian and English languages.

Appointments currently available: Workday mornings and daytime, weekends

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Psychologist, Ukraine

Natalia Egorova

I am Natalia Egorova, a child psychologist with 16 years of experience in the field. I graduated with a Psychology degree in 2001 from DGU. I am a certified specialist in play therapy and art therapy. Similar to focus and attention that enter various processes in our minds: cognitive, emotional and volitional, art therapy permeates all modalities. Art is an invisible bridge between the two worlds: reality and fantasy. Most of the time, secret desires, subconscious feelings and emotions are easier to express creatively than verbally. That is why "art therapy" is a universal and exceptional tool to help anxiety, aggressiveness, fears, communication, crises, traumas, losses, and psychosomatic disorders, that helps the development of the integrated individual. The main tasks of art therapy are self-expression, expansion of personal experience, self-knowledge, awareness and internal integration. I work in Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Appointments currently available: Workday mornings

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Psychologist, Ukraine

Serhiy Dmytrenko

Psychologist, Ukraine. I came to psychology later in life. I graduated from a university in Dnipro and have been practicing for four years. I help to discover, explore and resolve internal conflicts. I work well with embodied physical symptoms and emotional states. I am based in Ukraine. I work in Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Appointments currently available: Workday mornings, daytime and evenings

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Psychotherapist Ukraine/United Kingdom

Elena Gordienko

Hello, my name is Elena; I’m an attentive and creative consultant. I started my professional journey 15 years ago with body movement and breathing techniques, which were later amended with psychology and mindfulness exercises. In my individual consultations, I combine all the professional tools I possess – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, breathing exercises and mindfulness. I also deliver online and offline stress management courses; counsel for depression, burnout, anxiety, and relationships; and help my clients to unravel the tangle of personal problems and to improve the quality of life. I work in Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Appointments currently available: Workday mornings and daytime

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Psychotherapist, registered with UKCP

Larissa Walker

Hi, I am Larissa. In my approach to psychotherapy, I use several theoretical approaches and try to keep an open mind when deciding how to help a particular client. The therapeutic modalities I use are supported by clinical evidence or research, such as neuroscience. I offer a safe and non-judgemental space, where you can explore your past and present and become more aware of your feelings and patterns. I aim to help you start a journey to a more integrated, genuine self where you can express yourself, understand and follow your needs, and become freer to develop a way that is unique only to you, independent of the circumstances that affected or are continuing to affect you. I work in Russian and English languages.

Appointments currently available: weekday evenings

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Psychologist, United Kingdom

Olga Maksymenko

Psychologist, psychotherapist. I offer crisis counselling and work with trauma and PTSD. I also work with children, do group counselling and offer family counselling/therapy. I hold a Master of practical psychology degree. In the past, I was the head of the recruitment department at an international educational company. I work in Russian and Ukrainian.

Appointments currently available: weekdays

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Counsellor, registered with BACP

Oleg Elizarov

Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation. My name is Oleg, and I am qualified counsellor and registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Having spent over 15 years working in banking and finance industry, I am able to bring a wealth of life experience to my counselling work, which I believe is very important for a counsellor. I have been volunteering in one of the Children and Family hubs in Medway to promote mental health in my clients. I believe every individual has the means within themselves to ‘get better’ and that the counsellor’s role is to walk alongside you while you find the drive within yourself to do this. I work in Russian and English languages.

Appointments currently available: weekday evenings, weekends

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Psychologist, United Kingdom

Irina Francis

Psychologist, United Kingdom Being close to someone who is hurt and suffering emotionally is not easy even for close people. For a psychologist, this is a profession. I have studied and continue to learn how to help people find “ground under their feet”, find the courage to live and find something to enjoy even when it seems impossible. My professional experience spans over 30 years. I worked with trauma and grief, with the loss of faith in self, in my clients' own future, and the future of their children. My clients came from different backgrounds: heads of large enterprises as well as young boys and girls starting their life journey, parents of children with developmental deficiencies, and professionals with big hearts who teach and educate such children. Together with my wonderful colleagues, over many years I have conducted research on the interaction of mothers with young children. The results of these studies have helped many mothers to understand their babies and accept their sometimes inexplicable stubbornness, aggression, and whims. I work in Russian language.

Appointments currently available: Monday to Friday, mornings and daytime

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