Counsellor, registered with BACP

Oleg Elizarov

Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation. My name is Oleg, and I am qualified counsellor and registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Having spent over 15 years working in banking and finance industry, I am able to bring a wealth of life experience to my counselling work, which I believe is very important for a counsellor. I have been volunteering in one of the Children and Family hubs in Medway to promote mental health in my clients. I believe every individual has the means within themselves to ‘get better’ and that the counsellor’s role is to walk alongside you while you find the drive within yourself to do this. I work in Russian and English languages.

Appointments currently available: weekday evenings, weekends

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Psychotherapist, registered with UKCP

Simona Bajenaru

Have you been entertaining the idea of therapy for some time, or might this be an impulse search for you today? I am here for you. I'm Simona, a qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist working with adults. Therapy was there for me when I felt confused about who I was, where I found myself and how I wanted my life to look like. Quoting Martin Luther King Jr., I believe that you do not have to see the whole staircase to take the first step. I offer an initial 50-minute "no obligation" consultation as an opportunity to "take the pressure off" and engage in an open and honest conversation about what brings you to therapy.

Appointments currently available: weekdays

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Psychotherapist, registered with UKCP

Anthony Turi

Hello. I’m Anthony Turi, a fully qualified psychotherapist. I work with clients on a broad range of issues; from a life crisis when you need to talk to someone, to people who want to spend time exploring and discovering who they are and make lasting changes in areas of life they are stuck in, or clients who want to work on a more short-term issue over a shorter block of sessions. Your starting point might vary. Perhaps you have been feeling confused, let down, anxious, or stressed. Maybe ‘depression’ is a word that seems to fit. Or maybe you just seek more clarity and support about who you are, what you want, and how you can get there.

Appointments currently available: weekdays, Monday and Tuesday late mornings and afternoons

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Counsellor registered with BACP

Alice Brooks

Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, panic attacks, challenging life transitions, or loss? Do you feel stuck? Do you have unresolved family issues? Talking to a counsellor/psychotherapist can help. I understand it can be nerve-racking to embark upon counselling or therapy - it takes courage to start. I work at your pace, as dictated by your needs. I encourage a collaborative process. I am experienced in working both long and short-term, with couples and individuals in various areas, including anxiety, depression, suicide, trauma, relationship problems, loss, infertility, grief, self-esteem and personal development.

Appointments currently available: free online assessments, weekday mornings, daytime and evenings

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Counsellor registered with BACP

Lucy Walthoe

I’m Lucy, and I offer relational, humanistic counselling and psychotherapy to adults on a long and short-term basis. I have experience of living with mental distress and the effects of trauma. I have learnt first-hand that a dedicated therapeutic relationship has the power to restore our trust in ourselves, the world and others and our unique and innate potential to grow. I believe that understanding and embracing our unique personal and neurological differences creates opportunities to live more vibrantly. I also draw on my 18-year career helping large organisations manage change and disruption and recover from crises. This gives me insight into how uncertainty can undermine how we function and the way a supportive relationship can help us find the inner resilience to thrive. My academic training in existential philosophy is also a helpful resource.

Appointments currently available: free online assessments, weekdays, some weekend and evening appointments

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Trainee psychotherapist, trainee member of UKCP

Maya Soto Jones

How often do you have a space that is just for you? Welcome, you have already made the first step of recognising you need this space and time. My name is Maya (she/they), and together we can go on a journey where you can discover what has been holding you back, work through painful memories and understand yourself better. As a queer and non-binary person, I have some personal experience of what it feels like to exist in a world that makes you feel different. I am committed to the anti-oppressive practice and continuously work on becoming more aware of my privilege and bias. I offer a free 15-minute consultation where I will share a bit more about myself, and you can tell me about what brought you here, and then you can decide if you want to take the next step.

Appointments currently available: free 15-minute assessments; sessions on weekdays early mornings, daytime, and evenings

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Psychotherapist, registered with UKCP

Larissa Walker

Hi, I am Larissa. In my approach to psychotherapy, I use several theoretical approaches and try to keep an open mind when deciding how to help a particular client. The therapeutic modalities I use are supported by clinical evidence or research, such as neuroscience. I offer a safe and non-judgemental space, where you can explore your past and present and become more aware of your feelings and patterns. I aim to help you start a journey to a more integrated, genuine self where you can express yourself, understand and follow your needs, and become freer to develop a way that is unique only to you, independent of the circumstances that affected or are continuing to affect you.

Appointments currently available: weekday evenings

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Psychotherapist, registered with UKCP and BACP

Sophie Cottrell

My name is Sophie Cottrell and I’m a therapist offering sessions either remotely or from Hammersmith in West London. I have an MSc in Humanistic Psychotherapy and am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). Life can get really difficult sometimes – we may know why we’re finding things hard, but we may not and that's OK too. In therapy, we can explore what's happening for you and find a way through together. We can look at what’s on your mind and what it’s like being you as well as the role your past might have played. We can go at your pace and you’ll decide what you want from coming to see me.

Appointments currently available: weekdays

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Psychotherapist, registered with UKCP and BACP

Amy Ryles

My name is Amy (she/her) and I am a qualified Person-Centred psychotherapist and counsellor. There are many different approaches in psychotherapy and counselling. Research shows that one of the most important factors in successful therapy is the quality of the relationship between client and therapist. The Person-Centred Approach is a relational way of working based on the belief that we each have the inner wisdom to find our way forward. This capacity for self-direction can get blocked, buried or diverted, however, as we adapt to the different environments and cultural contexts we find ourselves in. A genuine and accepting relationship can help us reconnect with our inner power by giving space to explore our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Appointments currently available: weekdays

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Counsellor, registered with BACP

Mehbuba Khalid

I am a qualified counsellor and have worked with clients who have been struggling with various emotional difficulties in their lives. I offer a warm, caring, and confidential space. My approach is accepting and non-judgmental whilst offering time and space to be heard. I work respectfully alongside you and encourage you to find greater self-awareness in finding ways to live a more fulfilling life. The therapy offered is non-directive and it’s not about me giving you advice. I have worked as a counsellor for two counselling charities, for Domestic Abuse and a low-cost service. In addition to my private practice, I work for a charity that supports women and men suffering from domestic abuse. My counselling approach is Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, and Person-Centred. I work with adults of all ages, across a wide range of issues, both short and long-term.

Appointments currently available: weekdays evenings, weekends

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Psychotherapist, registered with UKCP

Matt Dunlop

I imagine that we all feel a little lost sometimes. We may not be sleeping very well or we may be suffering from anxiety or a low mood. Something may be bothering us and we may not be sure what. We could need some support in understanding how past experiences continue to have a legacy in the present which manifests in feelings of unease. If you are considering starting or have had previous therapy it shows that you have a certain amount of bravery, trust, and faith that your situation can improve despite any fears or uncertainties you may be experiencing. As a Gestalt therapist, I can support you to have a clearer view of issues that remain unfinished from the past or to imagine a future with less anxiety. I also enjoy working in novel ways with sensory awareness, movement, poetry, and more!

Appointments currently available: weekdays

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Trainee psychotherapist, trainee member of UKCP

Raphaela Fontenelle

Hello and welcome! I initially qualified as a Clinical Psychologist in Brazil, where I was born and raised. In the UK, I am currently training as a Gestalt Psychotherapist, so I currently offer low-cost therapy sessions for adults. Therapy is a process of growth and self-discovery. My approach as a therapist is warm, gentle, and empathic, as before anything, I think it is important that my clients feel safe and supported. I offer to walk this journey beside you, helping to untangle thoughts and feelings that have been forgotten, shut down, or unseen. Being a foreigner in the UK and having lived in different countries (Brazil, France and Canada), I can offer a multi-cultural, open-minded and non-judgmental approach. I currently work in the NHS and in private practice. I have experience working with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, aging, abusive relationships, miscarriage, HIV, amongst other themes.

Appointments currently available: weekdays early mornings and evenings

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Psychotherapist, registered with UKCP

Alexandra Logan

I am Alexandra. I am a qualified integrative counsellor and psychotherapist with five years experience of working with clients both in the voluntary sector and in my private practice. I am also a priest in The Church of England, working with clergy and others who see their work and life as a spiritual vocation, trying to figure out how to live sustainably without losing our curiosity or energy in the struggle of our day-to-day life. I am experienced in working with trauma, anxiety, bereavement, and workplace stress.

Appointments currently available: weekdays

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Psychotherapist, registered with UKCP

E-J Williams

Does your life look great on the outside? To everyone else? On paper? Do you ever think that you know you should be happy, ok, fine and able to ‘just get on with it’? And yet….you just know in 'your bones’ you’re not ok, happy or fine…not really, despite what you may be presenting to the rest of the world. I ask these questions partly because of my own personal journey. My life looked good on the outside, the version of me I presented to the world. On the inside it was a very different story and I didn’t know that it could be different until I started on my own therapeutic journey.

Appointments currently available: weekdays, weekday evenings

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Counsellor, registered with BACP

Carl Kim

There are times in our lives when we're not OK and believe that no one understands our struggles, that we alone should fix them, or that things will never change. But it needn't be like this. As an MBACP and UKCP registered Psychotherapeutic Counsellor I can support you in getting clarity and relief from your difficulties. Working together you will learn to challenge and alter limiting your harmful beliefs, feelings, and behaviours. With my confidential and respectful support you can: • Make sense of your past experiences and find new perspectives • Discover yourself dealing with the present and coping with your challenges • Feel confident in yourself and look forward to your future I specialise in stress, anxiety, depression, low self-confidence, isolation, past traumas, substance abuse, addictions, and domestic violence. I work with people who experience difficulties in relationships with partners, family, and work-related issues.

Appointments currently available: weekdays mornings and daytime

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Counsellor, registered with BACP

Kim Riches

I offer short and long-term counselling to adults and young people (16+ years). As a humanistic therapist, I will encourage you to develop a deeper awareness and understanding of yourself in relation to the challenges you are facing. Working in the independent school sector for 10 years inspired my journey into counselling. Not only did I discover the joy of being around young people, but I was also exposed to a wide range of emotional situations involving students and parents. I noticed how helpless people can feel about situations and the importance of good support outside the family and school environments. From personal experience, it can feel scary opening Pandora's box to discover new things about ourselves. However, being vulnerable in a safe space can bring new discoveries, stronger connections as well as healing. My hope is to help you find the courage to make decisions you feel comfortable with, be kinder to yourself and others and recognise your self-worth.

Appointments currently available: weekdays mornings and evenings, weekends

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Psychotherapist, registered with UKCP

Louise Leonard

Welcome! I am a UKCP-registered psychotherapist with several years of experience. I offer one-to-one long or short-term therapy for adults. Originally from New York, I have been living in London since 1989. I spent 20 years as a BBC film editor working on various dramas and documentary programmes. In 2009 I decided to move on and pursue my longstanding interest in well-being. Sometimes it's hard for us to get in touch with that inner knowing because throughout our lives we may have internalised judgements from others. This can create an internal conflict or a block. I aim to create an accepting, non-judgemental, understanding environment that can give you the space to work through any issues safely, confidentially, and at your own pace. Working together we can find ways to untangle your blocks, get closer to your inner knowing and move towards becoming the person you want to be.

Appointments currently available: weekdays daytime and evenings

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Psychotherapist, registered with UKCP

Helen Loxton

I believe it is useful for people to come to therapy for many different reasons... Life is messy and throws us off course. We experience pain, stress and anxiety for many reasons - life events, work issues, grief and loss, relationship difficulties, or feelings of low self-esteem that make us feel stuck or unfulfilled. We may feel adrift, struggling to find meaning in the world and where we fit into it. Confronting and solving problems can be a painful process that many of us avoid. This avoidance can result in greater pain and the inability to flourish both mentally and spiritually. 

Appointments currently available: weekdays daytime and evenings

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Psychotherapist, registered with UKCP

Daniele Oppioli

I have experience working with depression, anxiety, relationships, trauma and other issues. To me, effective therapy is not about diagnosis and certainly not about a cure. I will support you in making the meaning of your experiences, your sense of self and will help you become more aware of your beliefs and how they shape your life.

Appointments currently available: weekdays

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Psychotherapist, registered with UKCP

Rachael Cowie

I’m Rachael, an Integrative Psychotherapist and Counsellor with a MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy. I offer therapy to individuals, and can work both long-term and short-term. I offer a space that is safe and calm, non-judgemental and confidential, so that you may share whatever is going on for you. I consider you to be the expert on your life, and my role is to sit alongside you, as we make sense together, as an act of collaboration and co-creation.

Appointments currently available: weekdays

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Psychotherapist, registered with BACP

Nigel Rayment

I have a Diploma in Integrative Psychodynamic Counselling from the Metanoia Institute and am a registered member of the BACP. I gained a doctoral degree in literature in the 1980s, and have a professional history spanning the public, private and third sectors, and worked as an executive coach for FTSE 100 companies in the financial and creative industries. We each experience life and its challenges in ways that feel unique to us. I believe in the therapeutic power of sharing these experiences to find new meaning and reimagine the next chapters of our story. I practise non-judgementally and specialise in working with low self-esteem, shame, anger, existential despair, anxiety, isolation, and issues of identity Appointments currently available: weekdays, including evenings Fees: £50 per session

Appointments currently available: weekdays, including evenings

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Psychotherapist, registered with UKCP

Heather Lewis

Hello, I'm Heather. I have an MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy. I offer both short-term goal-orientated work focused on an immediate present problem or deeper psychotherapy where we can also explore your past. You are in control of what happens in your counselling sessions: you set the agenda, and together we will focus on what counselling might do to help you. It would be perfectly understandable to feel anxious when embarking on counselling. I will do everything I can to help make it the best experience it can be.

Appointments currently available: weekdays, early mornings

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Psychotherapist, registered with UKCP

Vikki Schwebel

Hello, I’m Vikki, I have a masters degree in integrative psychotherapy and am a registered member of UKCP (The UK Council for Psychotherapy). I can offer a safe, confidential, supportive and collaborative relationship where you can think about yourself, your life and the unique issues you face. It can be a relief to be able to talk freely with someone separate from your social world who is non-judgemental and can listen and respond in a considered way. We can work on a range of issues including anxiety, depression, relationships, work stress, self-esteem, life changes, bereavement, trauma and neurodevelopment differences like Aspergers.

Appointments currently available: weekdays, including evenings

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Psychotherapist, registered with UKCP

Nicola Forristal

The global pandemic, that flashing light on the dashboard of humanity, has reminded us all that none of us can predict or control every aspect of our lives. But we can be more adept at responding to the many challenges that life presents us. If you feel like you are currently languishing in your life, as an integrative psychotherapist, I can support you to transition into a healthier, happier space. I have therapeutically supported people since 2004.

Appointments currently available: weekday mornings and daytimes

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Psychotherapist, registered with UKCP

Dr Albert Zandvoort

Therapy is a personal and individual process of change, as well as understanding. Through dialogue and the shared exploration of your life, you may find relief from recurring problems, live your life more fully and realise your full potential.

Appointments currently available: weekdays

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Counsellor, registered with BACP

Lisa Fisher

Hello, I’m Lisa, a qualified (BA Hons Counselling) Creative Therapeutic Counsellor with over 15 years’ experience of working with adults, young people, and children. My journey started in 2004, mentoring young people in Secondary Schools and later as an outreach youth worker. I have worked as a bereavement Counsellor at a local hospice and more recently in GP surgeries and Employee Assisted Programme. I have been in private practice since 2017, working creatively with resources such as Sandtray, art, writing, and visualisation. More recently I qualified as a Mindfulness Coach and am currently training in Breathwork. These practices support my work with trauma, a special interest of mine.

Appointments currently available: mornings and weekdays

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Psychotherapist, registered with UKCP

Tina Chummun

Hi, I’m Tina, and I’m pleased to ‘e-meet’ you. I’m passionate about psychotherapy and would like to help you with your emotional and psychological wellbeing. I believe that, with the right support, anything you want to be is possible. I am here to help you help yourself. I am here to help you lead a more fulfilling life. You learn more about yourself in relation to another person by building a trustworthy therapeutic relationship where you will be able to acknowledge why you think the way you do, how you came to think that way and what you can do about that if your choice is to do something about that. Being aware of yourself and your being allows you to unlock your thinking patterns.

Appointments currently available: weekday evenings, weekends

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