Larissa Walker

Hi, I am Larissa. In my approach to psychotherapy, I use several theoretical approaches and try to keep an open mind when deciding how to help a particular client. The therapeutic modalities I use are supported by clinical evidence or research, such as neuroscience. I offer a safe and non-judgemental space, where you can explore your past and present and become more aware of your feelings and patterns. I aim to help you start a journey to a more integrated, genuine self where you can express yourself, understand and follow your needs, and become freer to develop a way that is unique only to you, independent of the circumstances that affected or are continuing to affect you.

Appointments currently available: weekday evenings

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E-J Williams

Does your life look great on the outside? To everyone else? On paper? Do you ever think that you know you should be happy, ok, fine and able to ‘just get on with it’? And yet….you just know in 'your bones’ you’re not ok, happy or fine…not really, despite what you may be presenting to the rest of the world. I ask these questions partly because of my own personal journey. My life looked good on the outside, the version of me I presented to the world. On the inside it was a very different story and I didn’t know that it could be different until I started on my own therapeutic journey.

Appointments currently available: weekdays, weekday evenings

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Rachael Cowie

I’m Rachael, an Integrative Psychotherapist and Counsellor with a MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy. I offer therapy to individuals, and can work both long-term and short-term. I offer a space that is safe and calm, non-judgemental and confidential, so that you may share whatever is going on for you. I consider you to be the expert on your life, and my role is to sit alongside you, as we make sense together, as an act of collaboration and co-creation.

Appointments currently available: weekdays

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Nigel Rayment

I have a Diploma in Integrative Psychodynamic Counselling from the Metanoia Institute and am a registered member of the BACP. I gained a doctoral degree in literature in the 1980s, and have a professional history spanning the public, private and third sectors, and worked as an executive coach for FTSE 100 companies in the financial and creative industries. We each experience life and its challenges in ways that feel unique to us. I believe in the therapeutic power of sharing these experiences to find new meaning and reimagine the next chapters of our story. I practise non-judgementally and specialise in working with low self-esteem, shame, anger, existential despair, anxiety, isolation, and issues of identity Appointments currently available: weekdays, including evenings Fees: £50 per session

Appointments currently available: weekdays, including evenings

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Heather Lewis

Hello, I'm Heather. I have an MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy. I offer both short-term goal-orientated work focused on an immediate present problem or deeper psychotherapy where we can also explore your past. You are in control of what happens in your counselling sessions: you set the agenda, and together we will focus on what counselling might do to help you. It would be perfectly understandable to feel anxious when embarking on counselling. I will do everything I can to help make it the best experience it can be.

Appointments currently available: weekdays, early mornings

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Vikki Schwebel

Hello, I’m Vikki, I have a masters degree in integrative psychotherapy and am a registered member of UKCP (The UK Council for Psychotherapy). I can offer a safe, confidential, supportive and collaborative relationship where you can think about yourself, your life and the unique issues you face. It can be a relief to be able to talk freely with someone separate from your social world who is non-judgemental and can listen and respond in a considered way. We can work on a range of issues including anxiety, depression, relationships, work stress, self-esteem, life changes, bereavement, trauma and neurodevelopment differences like Aspergers.

Appointments currently available: weekdays, including evenings

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Daniele Oppioli

I have experience working with depression, anxiety, relationships, trauma and other issues. To me, effective therapy is not about diagnosis and certainly not about a cure. I will support you in making the meaning of your experiences, your sense of self and will help you become more aware of your beliefs and how they shape your life.

Appointments currently available: weekdays

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Nicola Forristal

The global pandemic, that flashing light on the dashboard of humanity, has reminded us all that none of us can predict or control every aspect of our lives. But we can be more adept at responding to the many challenges that life presents us. If you feel like you are currently languishing in your life, as an integrative psychotherapist, I can support you to transition into a healthier, happier space. I have therapeutically supported people since 2004.

Appointments currently available: weekday mornings and daytimes

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Dr Albert Zandvoort

Therapy is a personal and individual process of change, as well as understanding. Through dialogue and the shared exploration of your life, you may find relief from recurring problems, live your life more fully and realise your full potential.

Appointments currently available: weekdays

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Alexandra Logan

I am Alexandra. I am a qualified integrative counsellor and psychotherapist with five years experience of working with clients both in the voluntary sector and in my private practice. I am also a priest in The Church of England, working with clergy and others who see their work and life as a spiritual vocation, trying to figure out how to live sustainably without losing our curiosity or energy in the struggle of our day-to-day life. I am experienced in working with trauma, anxiety, bereavement, and workplace stress.

Appointments currently available: weekdays

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