Tina Chummun

Psychotherapist, registered with UKCP

Hi, I’m Tina, and I’m pleased to ‘e-meet’ you.

I’m passionate about psychotherapy and would like to help you with your emotional and psychological wellbeing. I believe that, with the right support, anything you want to be is possible. I am here to help you help yourself.

I am here to help you lead a more fulfilling life.

You learn more about yourself in relation to another person by building a trustworthy therapeutic relationship where you will be able to acknowledge why you think the way you do, how you came to think that way and what you can do about that if your choice is to do something about that. Being aware of yourself and your being allows you to unlock your thinking patterns.

You are the expert of your life, noone knows you better than you do.

Your thoughts, feelings and experiencing life are all unique to you. I would be able to work with you to identify what you need to do to keep yourself fulfilled, and to be the best you can be.

In a therapeutic relationship, we will work together to help you to get where you want to be. I will illustrate this by using an analogy: think of psychotherapy as if you were looking into a mirror. You have all the answers within you, you just need the mirror to see it. Metaphorically speaking, I would be the ‘mirror’ in relation to you to assist and support you through your emotional journey.

If you are an adult experiencing emotional issues or stresses and wish to discuss these feelings with a psychotherapist you’re in the right place. I welcome any questions before getting started, so please get in touch.

Appointments currently available: weekday evenings, weekends

Fees: £65 per session

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