Інна Велігурська

Psychologist Ukraine/United Kingdom

Greetings, dear friends! Let's get acquainted! I am Inna Veligurskaya, a clinical psychologist and accredited gestalt therapist. I consult online all over the world in Ukrainian and Russian.

You can contact me:

  • if you suffer from emotional dependency - too strong attachment to another person or unrequited love;

  • if you feel bad in a relationship and feel even worse on your own; if you are going through a divorce, separation, or loss of a loved one, feel pain and need support;

  • if you do not know how to protect your boundaries or your point of view;

  • if you have lost joy in life and it feels meaningless;

  • if you are afraid of loneliness but it "haunts" you;

  • if anxiety, fears, feelings of guilt and shame prevent you from living full life

  • if you find it difficult to let go of control and relax;

  • if you feel that you are being used but cannot do anything about it;

  • if the same situations in your life keeps getting repeated with different people and you seem to be walking in a vicious circle;

  • if your life has lost its colors after the birth of a child, and instead of the joy of motherhood you feel chronic fatigue and depression;

  • if you have problems related to pregnancy;

  • if you no longer feel like a beautiful woman worthy of love, care and respect;

  • if you, as a man, have difficulty understanding women;

  • if the fulfillment of your desires does not bring you joy;

  • if you find it hard to make decisions;

  • if you feel lonely, helpless or useless;

  • if you need support while going through plastic surgery;

  • if you find it difficult to accept and love yourself;

  • if you have psychosomatic illnesses and doctors recommended that you contact psychologist;

  • if you have sexual problems and disorders.

I love my profession because I love people. I know that every person is born unique, talented and wonderful, but sometimes the weight of life circumstances makes people forget about it. My task is to help you discover and find your real self, and I am convinced that this is possible only in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. Through our work together, you will learn to love and accept the most important person in life - yourself, an amazing and unique personality, and also find a balance between satisfying your needs and maintaining harmonious relations with the outside world.

My education:

  • Kyiv Institute of Modern Psychology and Psychotherapy - specialism "clinical psychologist"

  • VOPPGP (formerly Moscow Gestalt Institute) - certified gestalt therapist (EAGT standards) Specialisms: "Working with emotional addiction in the Gestalt approach", "Systemic family therapy in the Gestalt approach", "Sexology in the Gestalt approach".

I continue to learn and develop. I have personal therapy and supervision.

My hobbies and passions are yoga, meditation, astropsychology, numerology. I restore my resources with help of nature, through communication with loved ones and through bodily and spiritual practices. I consider it of a great value in life to be able not to wait for the perfect momen but to find joy in every day and to enjoy the very process of life, to fully live every minute!

Appointments currently available: Workdays mornings and daytime

Fees: £40 per session


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